I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Digital Media at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I teach courses in digital media ethics and civic and community media.

My teaching and writing investigates and analyzes the intersection of civic engagement and digital media. Most of my research and creative work focuses on using oral history to help us better understand mass incarceration by bringing the voices of people sentenced to life withough parole across prison roles. Examples of that work can be found at The Redemption Project. We consider this kind of work in my course COM 473 Crime, Justice and Media. This course is described in more depth here.

I am also interested (obsessed) with soccer. I became fascinated with its culture, community and history while living abroad as a newspaper and wire service reporter and in Spring 2021 I am teaching a new course: The Beautiful Game: How Soccer Explains Media.

My BA is from Temple University and my Ph.D. is from Indiana University.

I was a reporter and editor for The Associated Press and Agence France-Presse and newspapers in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, the British West Indies, Alaska and Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

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