Timeline Assignment

timeline js
This assignment requires you to trace the evolution of topics we have discussed in class. You will employ images, videos and text to show the evolution of one of these topics:


• Anonymous and hacktivism
• Surveillance and filming the police
• Trolling and “Gamergate”
• Aaron Swartz and open access


You will use the free software  Timeline JS to build your timeline. It should be installed as a page on your website (the one you made in COM 200 – hopefully).


The steps to build a timeline in Timeline JS can be found on their website. We will work on this a little in class, but much of this you will have to teach yourself. A very important skill we want you to leave the COM Department with is the ability to teach yourself how to use software.


Your timeline is due April 19.


What needs to be in the timeline?
Your timeline should have 12-15 slides. Each slide should contain an image (or short video) and text that advances your narrative. You must credit the images and/or videos that you use. At least one short video (max. two minutes) must be included in the timeline.


Your timeline should include an introductory slide (title slide) in addition the 12-15.


Here is an example.


No plagiarism. The writing needs to be tight, informative and yours. No cutting and pasting.