(M) – Monday – Reading/Watching/Viewing with a (M) should be done for Monday

(W) – Wednesday

(F) – Friday

week 1

Introduction to course

What is journalism?

Video introduction

week 2

(M) What is online journalism/new media?

Handout – New Media Tips from Jacob Riis

Read Robert Hernandez,  Online journalism and journalism online

(W) Blogging – Blog design and purpose for journalism

(W)Andrew Sullivan – “Why I blog”

andrew sullivan
Click for a video of Sullivan talking about blogging.

(W) Choose blog topics and start brainstorming about content/design

(F) What’s a good journalistic blog post?

week 3

(M) Choosing blog topics and brainstorming story ideas

(M) Briggs, 42-52

(W) Continue with blog design

By Friday:

Have a completed “about” page with a short bio and photograph of each team member.

(F) 5-minute presentation of your blog:

What is the topic?

Who is the audience?

Explain your design choices.

(F) Adding elements to your blog (links, images, photos, videos, maps)

(F) Register for News University

week 4 • Feb. 5-11

Elements of a news story


(M) Story elements I

Complete by today – The Lead Lab, Post a small item relevant to your blog topic on your blog (one post for each group member). This could be a summary of something in the news (a “brief) or just a cool relevant site that you found and want to share. Include at least one link and an image (photograph, logo, video).

Hard leads
The inverted pyramid
Writing briefs
Elements of a post

O’Keefe named president

(W)Rewrite these two press releases into briefs. Your audience is St. Joseph’s University students. Print these out and bring them to class.

Fears for Google employee in Egypt

Infractions Decision on Southern Indiana

(W) Story Elements II
AP style

(F) Blogging • Opportunities and operations

Guest: Tenaya Darlington, aka Madame Fromage • A terrific food blogger

week 5 • Feb. 14-18

(M) Story ideas – Event story

Your event should take place within the next 10 days. You will have to go to the event, do some interviews and write a 750-word story. Get your three story ideas in writing (a sentence each) and be prepared to talk about them.

The story must be related to your blog topics. Your best asset here is google to search for events. Keywords such as “food philadelphia events February” if you are doing something on food.

Here are a couple of examples (these are taken from the City Paper). Other places to look include the St. Joe’s events calendar, Philadelphia Weekly.

• This is part of a program to get people in Philadelphia to read more. The idea is that the entire city read one book and then talk about it:,+One+Philadelphia

• Here is a farmer’s market in Northern Liberties

• Here’s a cool event in my neighborhood – a youth Poetry slam

(M) Narrative leads

(M) The Nut Graf

(W) Quotes/Interviews

(W) News U – Quotes

(F) Audio journalism
(F) Briggs • 177-205

week 6 • Feb. 21-25

(M) Finish up the Windermere package. Open a You Tube account. Upload video and slideshow to You Tube.

(W) Quotes, narrative leads

(F) Quotes leads and narratives

The prezi on quotes and color is here.

For Monday write a 300-word story on this speech by Bono. You need three quotes (choose wisely), a few bits of detail (what I called “color” in class) and some background on the circumstances of his speech. Remember that “news measures change” so make your lead the part of the speech where he calls for something new. Bring this to class in electronic and paper form. In other words print it out and either e-mail it or bring it on a thumbdrive).

week 7 • Feb. 28 – March 4

(M) Quotes/Color/Narrative leads

We’ll go over your Bono stories together in class, critiquing one another’s work

(M) “Ways of Reading”

(W) Description and observation

Read “Tried By a Deadly Tornado” – Rick Bragg

and “All She Has…” – Rick Bragg

Google alerts

Blog post: Find a recent story that pertains to your topic and write a “curation” blog post about it. “Curating” information is a large part of a blogger’s job. By curating, I mean being the eyes and ears for your readers on the topic you write about. That means finding stories in other publications and passing them on to your readers. You need to summarize the story in your blog post and provide and link to the original story.

• Here is a video on embedding a SoundCloud track into wordpress

It should look like this when you’re done:

(F) Audio Journalism and audio/photo slideshows

Read this – “A Faustian Bargain”


Briggs • Chapter 6 – Visual Storytelling with Photographs (short quiz on that chapter)

(F) Begin thinking of a topic for slideshow piece

Week 8 • Spring Break

Week 9 • March 14-18

(M) Assembling the audio/photo story

Briggs • Chapter 7 – Making audio journalism visible (be prepared for short quiz on the reading)


(W) More work on the audio/video slideshow

Discussion of ideas for your audio/video slideshow

(F) Practice Audio/photo story due (chess tournament)(Finishing touches in class)

Week 10 • March 21-25

(M) Finish up chess tournament

Finding the right story

Slideshow assignment sheet This fills you in on the basics of what you need for the story.

As you start to build your own stories. Don’t forget about this: Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia

(W) Journalism ethics:

The Facebook case study

(F) The multimedia package

Week 10 • March 28-April 1

(M) Finding a multimedia story

In-class case study: Climate of violence stifles city schools

(W) More on writing

Keep reading Climate of violence stifles city schools

(F) Shooting video

Introduction to the video interview
A good example:

Kryssy Kocktail grew up in troubled family and, as an adult, followed the mythic path of joining the circus. Amid the lights and energy of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, she has found something that she never dreamed would be hers. See the project at

Handout: Video Interview tips

Week 11 • April 4-8
(M) Instruction: Shooting B-roll
Read: Briggs, Chapter 8
Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency, pp. 28-31.
Workshop: Slideshow preparation, editing and production

(W) Instruction: shooting b-roll
Homework for Wednesday:
Go here and find a story you like and be prepared to talk about it on Wednesday. Think about story idea, but also about execution of the story.

Lacrosse war veteran from OU Daily on Vimeo.

Workshop: Editing/producing slideshow

(F) Finish slideshow
Week 12 • April 11-15

Week 13 • April 18-22

Multimedia package assignment sheet
multimedia package assignment sheet

Multimedia package workshop.

Week 14 • April 25-29

Multimedia package workshop.

Week 15 • May 2-6

Multimedia story  presentation:

(MWF 10 a.m. section) – Friday, May 6, 9 a.m.

(MWF 11 a.m. section) – Tuesday, May 3, 9 a.m.

Week 11


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