There are two types of assignments for the course. The four big assignments are spelled out below. The other type of assignment are those completed in class. These cannot be made up without one of the excuses mentioned in the attendance policy section.

• meeting/speech story

This story will require you to attend and report on a meeting or a talk.
For the last few weeks we have been talking about writing and doing some dry runs. Now it’s time to actually do some reporting. This will be the semester’s first big assignment.

Task: Find a meeting or speech to cover related to Diversity Awareness Week on campus. Your idea for the story should be spelled out in a blog post by Monday, Sept. 20 at 11 a.m.

Deadline: The story is due in class within 48 hours of the speech or meeting. So, for example, if you cover a meeting or speech on Wednesday night, your story would be due in class Friday. If you cover something on Thursday, such as “Wake Up Call Part Two,” you catch a break and your story will not be due until the following Tuesday in class.

Mechanics: Your story should be about 500 words long and should include a hard news lead. The story should include at least two quotes from the speaker(s) and quotes from at least two people in the audience. The story should follow the basic structure that we have covered so far. The structure should include enough background on the speaker, the meeting and the issue(s) involved to provide context for a reader who may have never thought about the issue before.

The story should be printed and handed in during class.

• Askia Sabur collection

• profile- Final Story due Tuesday, Nov. 23.

This story requires you to report and write about a specific person. You choose this one. We will discuss at length in class what makes a good profile.

Deadline: The story will be due in stages. A story pitch is due Tuesday, Nov. 9. You should explain the subject of your profile and spell out a plan of how you will do the story (other sources, interview venue).   The rough draft is 20 percent of your grade for the assignment. The final draft is 60 percent and the rewrite, due on the last day of class, is another 20 percent.

Mechanics: The story should be about 1,000 words long. This story will require spending a fairly significant amount of time with your subject. You are also required to interview two other sources related to the subject of the profile. Generally, the story should not be about friends or family unless they have a very compelling story to tell. Your choice of subject will be reflected in my assessment of your story. In other words, the more you push yourself out of your own comfort zone the better.

• audio slideshow

Ongoing list of “smaller” assignments

Building blog

Embedding video

Amtrak story

Obama speech

Blog posts:

Chaka Fattah

Father Lannon

Football Team

Fattah Challenger

Bono speech

Obama speech

Blog post associated with meeting/speech story 1

The post/or not post video for Askia Sabur story

The first audacity/soundcloud attempt

Profile story pitch

Publication venue blog post


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