about the course

office: bellarmine G16B (Bellarmine basement)
office hours: tuesday, 11-12 • wednesday 11-12 • or by appointment
e-mail: jlyons  (at) sju (dot) edu
blog: jmikelyons.com
twitter: @jmikelyons

Journalism seems simple enough. It is the timely observation and chronicling of events, occurrences, people, and places for others. Telling stories. Simple indeed. The difficulty comes in the execution; doing journalism is not so simple. The chronicling (writing down, recording) part is tough. So is the observing. In this course we will tackle both. We will also analyze the ethical and legal challenges facing journalists and the cataclysmic changes the craft and profession are undergoing.

I have divided these different ideas into three broad categories:“craft” (writing, editing and reporting); “context” (journalism’s role in society); and “community” (finding and engaging a defined group of people). Craft will occupy most of our time, but it is important to take an occasional step back for perspective and that’s where classes on context come in. “Community” discussions will help us tease out the benefits and drawbacks of various forms of social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) in reaching our audience.


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