Feature stories exist in all sorts of formats using all sorts of tools with all sorts of intentions. Hard-hitting investigative pieces that change the way we are governed are feature stories. Uplifting stories of personal triumph or loss are also features. We will explore many of these forms in this course. We will read these kinds of stories and read about them. But more importantly we will make them ourselves.

There are two assignments broken up into several pieces.

• The two major assignments are:

A 1,500 profile.
A 5-minute video story.

• The several pieces of those stories include:

Pitches for each story.

Rough drafts for each story.

Rewrites for each story.

Pre-production work on the video story.

A requirement of the course is the submission of both stories to a media outlet. Your grade will not suffer if your piece is not accepted, but you must go through the process of submission.

We will talk in class about places where you can send your pieces. These include The Hawk, MiNDtv, City Paper and elsewhere.

Profile – due dates

Outline (including detailed pitch) – April 1 – in my mailbox in the English Dept. office, second floor of Bellarmine (15 percent)

Rough draft – Friday, April 16 (25 percent)

Final draft – Friday, April 30 (60 percent)

Ongoing list of “smaller” assignments

Build blog and initial post

Blog post on first set of Bragg stories

“Ken” story – 150 words

“ROTC” – reaction/analysis

Devise two story ideas blog post

Bono story

Rick Bragg video blog post

Performance observation

Interview footage


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