feature writing

MWF – 12-12:50

office hours – MWF – 1-2 or other times by appointment

about the course

This is a course about storytelling. That means that it is a course about words and arranging them in such a way that they entertain people while informing them. Those words could be written or spoken or screamed or whispered. It’s up to you to arrange them in a way that produces the result you want. It’s my job to guide you through that process, one that involves finding a story and then telling it. Sometimes the finding – the “reporting” – is as hard as the telling.

We will tell and read several stories during this course. There are many kinds of stories and journalistic genres that will just receive scant mention. If we spend too much time talking about and reading all of the different types of feature stories out there, we will have little time to actually write our own stories. You will read a lot in this class – texts on how to write stories and stories themselves – but the main emphasis here is on the doing – telling stories.

The other sections of the blog will fill you in on books, grades, participation etc. Be very mindful of the “schedule” section and revisit it often. It’s a living schedule and is subject to change.


• To develop storytelling skills using a variety of media.

• To strengthen research skills that will aid in telling true stories.

• To develop a critical perspective of the media industry.



policies, books, grades etc.

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