Wikipedia Assignment

This is an assignment that you will work  over the semester and that will be due at the end of the year in your digital portfolio.
The purpose of this assignment is to better understand how digital media can facilitate the overcoming of social dilemmas. As we mentioned in class, classic theory tells us that we mostly act out of rational choice – we make decisions based on how much personal benefit we will accrue. Wikipedia and other collaborative production models defy this logic. The goal of this assignment is to help you understand why that is.
Your task for this assignment is to put an article on Wikipedia that gains some traction there. This could be an article on just about anything – a bridge in your hometown, a building on the St. Joe’s campus, a character from a movie that you like. You will have to start the article and help keep it on Wikipedia by adding information to it, references in the correct format, etc.  Hopefully some other people on Wikipedia will join in and help you. But they might try to have your article removed based on a lack of “noteriety.” If that happens you will have time to defend the article’s value to Wikipedia.
Like your other assignments this semester, you will need to put this work into a portfolio post/page. You should include a link to the page, at least two screen that show your edits or interactions (on the “history” or “talk” page) along with 300 words or so of reflection on the following characteristics that Rheingold mentions (p. 152):
• Group boundaries clearly defined
• A system for monitoring members’ behavior exists. The community members themselves undertake this monitoring.
• A graduates system of sanctions is used.
• Low-cost conflict resolution mechanisms exist.
How did you see these ideas play out on the article you wrote?

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