Storify assignment

We have spend the last few classes talking about the power of crowds, information cascades and storytellers and communicators can leverage the power of the crowd. Storify is a platform that can help you do that, though it’s only as good as your idea.
Storify is pretty east to use. Here is a tutorial and here are some best practices – the ways others have successfully used it. Storify will also help you practice “curation,” an important skill for anyone who works in networked and collaborative production. That means that this isn’t just posting a bunch of other people’s tweets. The best examples guide readers through something and the “assets” – tweets etc. – help amplify or illustrate the narration.
“This is about filtering out interesting elements from noise,” as one Storify founder put it.
You will have to choose the event/conversation/phenomenon that you want to narrate. This could be something with finite dates like the NCAA Men’s or Women’s Basketball tournament. a one-off like the Oscars or an ongoing issue. You could also use it to document an experience that you participate in, though it has to be big enough to draw a lot of diverse and interesting comments through social media.
Start an account on Storify and browse through some of the examples that are there. For example, is providing live updates from the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the alleged Boston Marathon bomber) on Storify.  There isn’t much narrative in this outside of the tweets though. Yours will need narrative to guide the reader through the story.
Here are some other examples:
Here are some resources:
Assignment logistics
Your Storify project should be narrated by you, so there is a writing component to this that is very important. Grammar and all of that stuff counts.
Your Storify project is due at the end of the semester in your portfolio. There will be a check-in on the project in a couple of weeks.

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