Personal geography story assignment




Our first forray into storytelling this semester will be using maps and a story of your own. The best kind of story using this platform will be one that relies on movement across time and space.

Your task in this assignment is to tell your story using the Google platform Tour Builder. Tour Builder uses the Google Earth app (which you will have to download onto your computer) to build a “tour” that can include images and video. Use your own “assets” (photos, images etc.) whenever possible on your tour. Oddly Tour Builder does not yet work on Chrome so you will have to use either Firefox or Safari.

The story you tell with the tour is up to you. You can tell the story of your family’s history, your semester abroad, whatever. You will need a minimum of 10 stops on the tour.

Like the other assignments, this is due at the end of the semester, although, as usual, I will ask you to post a link to the tour on your reading notes, so I can check it out before the end of the semester and give you some feedback.

The Goggle Tour Builder tutorial:



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