Rolling Stone timeline assignment

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Sometimes the best way to understand the ethical decisions and discussion around a specific piece of media content, particularly with how fast these things often explode on social media, is to slow down the process of examination. You could do this by writing a paper about the article’s release and the aftermath. But I think it would be more instructive to build a story by picking through the mass of writing, speeches, tweets and other pieces of content and putting them together to form a narrative. So your assignment is to build a multimedia timeline of the publication of the Rolling Stone and its aftermath.

This story was one of the most talked about pieces of journalism in the last five years and a close examination of the ebb and flow of criticism, clarifications and retractions that roiled in the wake of its publication will help clarify a litany of ethical issues.

Your timeline should include major events that followed the articles publication (and the publication itself), including things like: speeches, announcements or actions taken by the University of Virginia or officials there; clarifications by Rolling Stones; criticism from other media outlets or media critics.

Dipity allows you to make multimedia timelines, so you can tell this complicated story with videos, images, links, tweets etc. that are neatly published in chronological order. Here’s a brief tutorial on Dipity. So you can use text, images and video to tell the story. Maybe start with some previous stories the journalist had written, then move through the article’s release and accompanying protests followed by the aftermath when holes start to develop in the story.

Here’s an example of Dipity (this one is a history Internet memes) – Internet memes timeline

Some things that you could use for your timeline are videos like this onethis one and this one.

Your timeline should have at least 20 entries that show the full trajectory of the story, including some background on the author, the story’s publication and its unraveling. Include at least 20 entries, with a mix of videos images and text. The time line is due on Feb. 22. Put a link to it in your reading notes.



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