Mash-up/remix assignment

The Mash-up Assignment • Due: Friday, May 1


One of the key concepts we will interrogate this semester is the impact of digital media on culture. Creating a mash-up will help complicate that concept. It will also allow you to explore your creativity.

The idea is to take things that already exist and make them into something new. You aren’t supposed to know how to do this already, so part of this assignment may entail learning new skills (how to edit video or audio, how to combine them in i-Movie, etc.)

Your finished product should be 2-3 minutes long.

Here is a program that can pull video off YouTube:


You can edit using any video editing software you like. I don’t expect you to have too much experience using a platform like iMovie, but I do expect you to figure it out as you proceed with the assignment.


Your mashup needs to take existing copyrighted material and make something new. In this case I would like you to mash-up or remix film trailers to make a new “film.” As you probably know, this is a genre online and you can find many examples as models. We will talk about some in class and we will reserve two class days to workshop.

Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

  • Your final product should have at least a dozen cuts. In other words don’t just run the sound from one over the video of another. Make a cohesive, new work.
  • Your final product must be in a shareable form (for example, uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo)

We will assess your piece based on:


  • Did you create something new out of things that already existed?
  • Did you combine them creatively?

Technical competence

  • Does your piece show some mastery of digital tools?
  • Does your piece mix a number of different elements?







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