Week 1 – Introductions

Aug. 25


Aug. 27

The Redemption Project

  1. (This is the number you put at the heading of your reading notes entry for this day)
    • Watch: Bryan Stevenson TedTalk
    • Listen: Two discussions linked below between me and Kempis Songster. (I put these up instead of the letters.)

This one and this one.

Week 2 – “The Pictures in our Heads”

Sept. 1
• Read: Walter Lippmann, Public OpinionIntroduction: The World Outside and the Pictures in Our Heads

Sept. 3
• Read: U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief from Families of Victims Killed by Youths. (If you’re interested, here are all of the “friend of the court” briefs filed in the case.)
• Watch: New York Times, “The Superpredator Scare”

First Mystery Box Challenge – Cindy Sanford – Due – Sept. 17

Week 3 – Mods, Rockers and the construction of deviance

Sept. 8
• Read: Cohen, Folk Devils and Moral Panics, Introduction to the Editions and Ch. 1, Deviance and Moral Panics.
• Watch: Quadrophenia (This is a full-length feature film, so give yourself some time).

Sept. 10 – Bronstein

In class: Work on Cindy Sanford mystery box challenge

Sept. 15


Read Cohen, Ch. 1-2 – “Deviance and Moral Panics” and “The Inventory”

Sept. 17

Cindy Sanford Mystery Box Challenge Due.

Sept. 22


Read Cohen, Ch. 1-2 – “Deviance and Moral Panics” and “The Inventory”

Sept. 24

Project Two assigned

Sept. 29

Central Park Jogger stories (read these and write about them in your reading notes)

• First story in the NYT
• Official says youths admit role in attack
• Central Park victim learns fundamentals of a new life
• Anger over verdicts is mixed with calls for compassion

Oct. 1

Project work in Bronstein

For today have an elevator pitch for your project 2.

Oct. 6

Illustration by Christine Cornell.

Read Preface and Ch. 1 of The Central Park Five for today

Be sure to write some things in your reading notes, including some questions we can use in class.

What was the context in New York in 1989 that may have impacted the investigation and prosecution of the case? What are people thinking about? How have media reports impacted the public agenda? How did crack cocaine impact that context?

Oct. 8

Work on Project Two. Hopefully a panelist or two from the earlier panel can make it to class.

Oct. 13

Fall break. No class

I will be at The Supreme Court to hear the oral arguments in Montgomery v. Louisiana.

Oct. 15

Project 2 work

Oct. 20


Central Park 5, Ch. 2-3

In class – Watch documentary 15 to Life


Oct. 22

Project 2 due at the end of class

Oct. 27

Central Park 5, Ch. 4-5 assigned

Project 3 assigned

Oct. 29 – No class. I’m in Austin, TX for a conference.

Nov. 3

Nov. 5

Nov. 10

Nov. 12

Nov. 17

Nov. 19

Nov. 24

Nov. 26 – No class. Thanksgiving break

Dec. 1


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