project two


Choose one option from below:

• Embeddable, clickable map

Build a clickable map that shows the state of legislation or rulings on Juvenile Life Without Parole. So I would click on a state and it would show me the status. For example, there are 7 (i believe) states that have refused to apply the Miller ruling retroactively.


Build a clickable map that details the distribution of juvenile lifers. A new report (out this week) has provided details of how many men and women are incarcerated in the states that apply mandatory JLWOP.

This would go on The Redemption Project website, so be sure to use a color palette and font that is consistent with what is there.

One platform that could be used is or . The key here will be the quality of the information that you provide for each click.

(NOTE: If there is a fee to make the map editable after you are done, I will pay that.)

• Audio piece.

Use the raw interview with Aaron Phillips (Abdul Lateef) to create an audio piece that tells his story. You will have to think about other elements that you can include that “airs out” the audio (provides some space for listener’s to gather their thoughts or process what they have heard). You will also have to figure out a way to place the audio in context (in the video most used text. Not possible in audio, so maybe narration? But who to narrate? I have some ideas about this).

There is also video from Emily Keller of the Juvenile Law Project, who is Aaron’s attorney. She talks for a few minutes about his case.

This will be the pilot for a possible podcast related to the project. So this should be 12-15 minutes long. We will also talk about how to start a podcast. Getting it on its etc.

• Video

Use the audio from Aaron Phillips interview and some video from Emily Keller interview to make a 5-7 minute video about Aaron (Abdul). You will likely have to shoot your own b-roll for this. Let me know on that I can help you.

• Producer’s choice

You choose the project. Could be a combination of above or something completely different. Just remember, that it has to be consistent with the theme and tone of The Redemption Project.

This could be a graphic that details the history of JLWOP or the Supreme Court decisions related to it. Or it could be a timeline that provides the history of JLWOP and contextualizes the “Superpredator” scare of the late 80s.

Please clear this one with me before you begin to make sure we are on the same page about the expected outcome.