Stakeholder profile

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Your final project in the course is propose a strategic media element to an civic organization’s communicative repertoire. That organization will be associated with the topic that you have chosen.

To find the right media element you will have to assess several organization’s communicative approaches and figure out what they do well and not so well based on the concepts we have discussed so far. A key approach to understand how they are thinking about their strategy and what they are missing is to ask them. That’s what this assignment requires you to do.

By now hopefully you have begun to map out your topic’s online ecology. You should have some idea of who the organizations are in that ecology. Each person in the group will choose a different organization and find someone there to talk to about their digital media strategy.

For example:

  • What would they do if they had more money or other resources?
  • Specifically, what do they feel they aren’t doing so well right now?

This will be an important part of your proposal at the end of the semester. And will be a way to differentiate individual grades.

What will you turn in?

You will produce a stakeholder profile that includes an audio recording of interview to be uploaded to SoundCloud and the link posted to your Google doc and a very brief overview of the organization – sentence or two.

Write in your Google doc (with audio/video using SoundCloud) and in the final group proposal.

Due date:

Oct. 26 (MW class), Oct. 27 (TTh class)

Possible questions:

Focus on how/why questions that don’t rely on a simple “yes” or “no” for an answer. The idea is to get them talking and thinking. You might be asking them things that they haven’t given a lot of thought to before.

• What is their digital media strategy now?

• How are they using media? For marketing? Advocacy?

• Have they thought about how apps might be useful?

• If they had more resources and time, how would they change or improve their media strategy?

• How does their digital media strategy help their goals (this might get answered with one of the earlier questions)?