Something old and something new: The Mash-up Assignment

For the past few classes we have been discussing copyright and fair use. The Mash-up assignment requires you to take an existing piece(s) of media and make something new. Specifically, you need to make a “subversive” movie trailer that disrupts or overturns the central narrative of the film. So Mary Poppins becomes Scary Mary and The Shining goes from super-scary film to light-hearted.

This assignment requires you to combine at least two forms of media – video and audio – to make a new, approximately 90-second trailer. You can use any video and audio editing software that you like, though iMovie and something like Audacity should work fine.

The assignment also includes a rational for fair use in a 500-word (or so) reflection that explains your aesthetic and narrative choices.

Your finished trailer should be a compilation of clips, not just one scene with some new sound under it. You should shoot for at least 15 cuts (different pieces) and there should be a narrative (a beginning middle and end).

Resources: – For downloading online videos (that you can then edit in iMovie or Premiere)
There are also many tools available to extract audio from video.
Audacity – Free software for audio editing.

Dates and such:

Due: May 2 at 5 p.m.
Provide a YouTube link on your Google doc. Your posting on YouTube should include a short fair use rationale.

This assignment was borrowed from Ben McCorkle.