Crime, Justice & Media • COM 475

Summer 2020 • TTh 6 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. • May 18 – June 25

This course looks at media narratives of crime and justice. We study how those narratives have impacted sentencing, incarceration and law. We will then produce new narratives, stories of redemption, through interviews with men and women who had served life-without-parole sentences and recently returned home. The course includes substantial work outside of class, including at least one trip to a maximum security state prison to talk to men or women serving life sentences.

Students will also learn multimedia production skills and the theory practice of using storytelling to address social issues.

Open to all majors. Write me at

The course produces media for The Redemption Project, a multimedia storytelling project that lifts the voices of men and women who are serving life-without-parole sentences in Pennsylvania.

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