Photography assignment


One of the goals of this course is to provide a basic introduction to three different modes of media-making –  audio, photography and video – that you can build on as you continue through the COM program. You will not walk away from this assignment as accomplished photographers, but hopefully you will begin to understand how to compose and edit photographs.


By the end of this assignment you should:

 • Understand composition and lighting basics.
• Be knowledgeable about photo basic ethics and courtesies of public photography
• Understand basic photo editing techniques

The Photographs

You will need to produce four photographs in each of four types: Portrait, Negative Space, Macro (or extreme close-up) and Desaturation.

Portrait – You should use four different models (they don’t all have to be people). Take several shots of each, experimenting with light, angle focal length.
Negative space – Submit four photographs that use negative space as a compositional element. These should also be four different subjects.
Macro (close-up) – Submit four photographs of different (could be related) subjects that follow basic rules of good composition and lighting and are very close.
Desaturation – Submit four photographs that have been manipulated to de saturate all but one or two colors. These must also follow basic rules of composition and lighting. We will go over how to do this in class.


These photographs are due on your blog by Sept. 28. Each type of photograph should be a separate post. So, for example, one post would be the portraits, each with a 20-40-word-caption that provides some insight into your composition and lighting choices. The introduction to each post talking about your photographs should be 200-250 words.