One-minute video project

Due: Oct. 11, 5 p.m.

In 60 seconds ….

Millennials have the potential to be the most powerful electoral bloc in three generations. Their (your) population now rivals the Baby Boomer generation and the upcoming presidential election will be the first in which the entire millennial generation can vote. Notice the emphasis on potential and can. It’s not clear that they (you) will follow through. In the 2012 election, only about 45 percent of millennials voted. Polls have fairly consistently shown that Millennials are put off by politics.

The goal of this project is to create a one-minute film – anything from stop-motion animation to a short fiction film with actors and everything – that persuades people to vote. One-minute is obviously not much time to say a lot (or is it?). And that’s the point, you have to hone your idea down to the bare essentials and make something that, while short, is thoughtful, persuasive and beautiful.

You have to plan, execute and submit this video in 8 days. It has to be uploaded to Vimeo by Oct. 11 (next Tuesday). Your video should then be embedded in a 250-300-word blog post that introduces it and talks about your creative choices. Next week – on Wednesday – we will have a film screening in class during which we will all watch, evaluate and vote for our favorites.


You can make any kind of film that you like. It could be stop-motion animation, fictional, photo collage, etc. It could be a poem made into a video. The only requirement is the length (60 seconds, not a second more or less) and that you make it. You can include others (actors, interview subjects) but it has to be your film.


You can use any gear you like to make this video, but your phone will probably be sufficient and that’s what I assume you will use (so I won’t be bringing any DSLRs for you to practice with). It might be helpful to get a mic to use with your phone if you have a lot of dialogue. You also can use a film app if you like – such as Filmic – but that’s not necessary.

All of that said, the biggest problem with shooting with a phone is stability – the shots will be shaky. We have some flexible phone tripods that allow you to mount the phone on a variety of surfaces to stabilize it.


You can edit the video on any platform that you like, but you must edit it and it must be clear that you have. There has to be evidence of multiple shots (not just one straight on shot for 60 seconds) and cuts. Include very brief opening credits (a title) and somewhere in the film mention the election on November 8.


 Your video should then be embedded in a 250-300-word blog post that introduces it and talks about your creative choices. You also need to do a post for Friday, Oct. 7 that includes a storyboard and a brief explanation of your idea.


One-minute film examples:

One-minute film advice from the BBC

Shot on an iPhone: