Issue mapping and changemaker interview

A key objective of this course is to understand civic conversations and action using digital platforms and social media. We spent much of the first part of the semester discussing how social movements and civic organizations in the past approached advocacy work. This project asks you to focus on modern civic and social justice organizations. What are their strategies and tactics online ? What kind of media do they make? Who do they talk to  online and why? How how do they build “community”?
In this assignment you and your group members will map the conversation and tactics focused on a specific issue.
There are two major parts to the project. The first is the mapping of an issue along with the a narrative (a “paper” for lack of a better word) about the conversation that will be published on Medium.
Here is a breakdown of that assignment:
• Narrative – about 500 words
• Visualization of the network
• Brief organizational profile
• Media gallery (What have they done?)
 The second part of the project is a a professional quality produced video interview with someone from an organization related to your issue.
Here is a breakdown of that assignment:
• Video should be 5-7 minutes long and should include text for background and context.
• No interviewer questions should be included. Edit the questions out.
• To get a good interview you will need to ask more questions than you will use. Some answers will be good, some won’t. So a 5-minute video might require a 20- to 30-minute interview.