Final: Get Modern Dog Design Company v. Target Corporation et al onto Wikipedia

The Final • COM 201


The final concludes at 5:15 p.m.


We spent much of the semester talking about the ways digital technology confound existing laws and ethical frameworks. Technology always evolves faster than law and ethics. The legal case that will be the subject of your Wikipedia article provides a good example of this.

The Article

Modern Dog Design Company v. Target Corporation et al

Your job is to collaboratively create a thorough Wikipedia page on this case, which is being debated online as well.


Your article should resemble other court cases on Wikipedia in terms of format. But since 20 of you are putting it together, I would expect it to be fantastically good. I would, at a minimum, expect it to meet the “good” article criteria.

How you do this is up to you. It is a collaborative assignment, so you should come up with the work flow collaboratively. You should probably decide on a management structure – assign teams, etc. Again, your call.

I will remain in the classroom during the final to observe. I can answer some basic questions.


80 percent of your grade will be based on the article’s:


Did you create a larger context for the article? Did you illustrate its importance? Did you provide ample detail on this case and related cases to help establish context and relevance? Is the article’s text properly linked?

Formatting and design

Does your article look like a Wikipedia article and not just a giant block of text? Do you include images, tables, etc. that are properly formatted? Do you have section headings? A contents box?


Wikipedia articles are written in a “neutral point of view” – NPOV for short. That means articles have a certain voice.


Source citation is what Wikipedia is all about. When in doubt cite. Are your citations properly formatted? Links are also citations of sorts does your article include links in the text to other Wikipedia articles on topics that you mention, for example “Supreme Court.”

Obviously, citations must be paraphrased or sparsely quoted from, not copied directly into the text.

The remaining 20 percent of your grade will be based on your individual effort as determined during my observation. This does not mean that you will necessarily do better if you are a project manager, for example. My assessment is based on your performance of the task at hand.




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