Beyoncé, S’mores and Happy take the first COMmies

Thanks to Dave Parry for 3D printing this year’s COMmies.

The results of the First Annual COMmie Awards for Mash-Ups are in and after long and sometimes heated deliberations the Beyoncé mash-up by Carly McGowan took the coveted red COMmie. The clever “S’mores” by Megan Thompson captured green and Brendan Roberts will take home orange with a remix of “Happy.”

The three winners emerged after a thorough vetting of all the works produced for two sections of COM 201, Communication Ethics. The assignment was to take at least two copyrighted digital works and produce something new with them. Some great work resulted. Unfortunately we (Dave Parry that is) only printed three trophies because there are several other pieces that deserved recognition.

“The Beyoncé video best captured the spirit of remix,” said one of the three judges drawn from the COM Department.

The trophies themselves are mash-ups – the head of Vladimir Lenin (A commie if there ever was one) and a robot’s “body” – a subtle commentary on just how silly awards can be sometimes.

Here they are:

Beyoncé by Carly McGowan


S’mores by Megan Thompson

Happy by Brendan Robert

The judges asked that I recognize a few others that were right near the top. These include:

Tiesto and Coldplay in Pompeii (this was a terrific mashup that is by far the winner in terms of views on YouTube) by Alli Murray

Near Perfection by Matt Mosca

Home Alone 4: The Neighbor by Paula Wiszowaty

Diamonds by CC Andrews



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